Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour (SACOM) published the report disclosing the student workers abuses happened in Apple’s manufacturer – Quanta Computer today (22/9). The public were shocked knowing the labour right violations disclosed and medias have been contacting Apple for its response. Apple replied that “Chongqing Quanta is not one of Apple’s suppliers” and try to escape from the responsibility of the abuses found. However, the claim of Apple is totally different to the truth.

Firstly, as mentioned in our report, Quanta Computer is the exclusive manufacturer of Apple Watch 1 and 2 and the major manufacturer of Apple Watch 3. Apple and Quanta Computer have had a long term and close relationship. Apple should definitely be accountable for the labour right violations found in Quanta Computer.

As mentioned in the report, Apple has decided to relocate its Apple Watch production to Chongqing in 2016. Apple has also set up a “Apple Production Department” in the F0 Plant of Chongqing Quanta. Apple and Quanta Chongqing has started the mass recruitment in Chongqing and have been sending workers to Quanta’s Changshu plant for a three-month Apple production training since July. These workers will be sent back to Chongqing to officially produce Apple Watch from the coming October. Regarding this, SACOM has collected numerous solid evidence, Apple has no way to escape from its responsibility.

Therefore, It is clear that Apple have decided to keep the long-term relationship with Quanta while Apple is conscious about the student workers’ rights violations in the manufacturer. Also, Apple has started moving its production to Quanta Chongqing as early as 2016. For the details, please download SACOM’s investigative report here: 2017-Apple-Watch-3-Exploit-Student-Workers-Further

SACOM has published near 20 reports to monitor the working condition in Apple’s supply chain since 2009. The findings disclosed in the report is just part of our investigation. SACOM is going to disclose more details about Apple’s labour rights violation through workers’ interview and investigative reports. We demand Apple to take up the responsibility and confront its problems. Apple should immediately make rectification to guarantee its production workers’ well-being.