11th September, 2014

[STATEMENT] Clarification on report: “The Human Cost of High-end Jeans”


Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior (SACOM) has been informed by Super Glory Corporation Ltd (hereafter Super Glory) on 10th September that SACOM has mistakenly written that Super Glory is the owner of one of the investigated factories in Dongguang City (we named it as “Dongguan Tianxiang Garment Co. Ltd.”[1] in English report and “東莞市添翔洗水有限公司” in Chinese summary) in the report entitled “The Human Cost of High-end Jeans” released on 5th September[2]. After examining the information provided by Super Glory, SACOM has confirmed that the investigated factory in Dongguang is not belonging to Super Glory. In reality, Super Glory has its associate factory called “Tian Xiang Garment Ltd.” ( “天翔製衣有限公司” in Chinese) which locates in an different area from the investigated factory in Dongguang. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience made to Super Glory.

With the clarification on the ownership of Tianxiang, SACOM restates the validity of the findings in the labour conditions in Tianxiang, which is the supplier of American Eagle and Hollister. The occupational safety training and protective gears were still inadequate to workers. And the occupational safety and chemical information provided by the factory failed workers’ awareness of the potential hazards in their workplace. Worse still, Tianxiang failed to control overtime as required by the Chinese Labour Law, and did not offer workers piece rate details in advance of task assignment, and it also failed to pay extra overtime remuneration to workers.


After the release of the report, SACOM has not got any response and reply neither from American Eagle nor Hollister, which made procurement orders in Tianxiang. SACOM will continue to urge the international brands to commit on their corporate social responsibility by improving the working conditions of the workers in the industry. We demand the brands to ban sandblasting immediately; provide adequate and appropriate training and protective gear to workers; provide annual regular medical checkup to workers and compensate to those who suffer from occupational diseases pay overtime extra remuneration according to the Chinese Labour Law.



Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior (SACOM)
Contact person: Alexander Chan (852)94042039

[1] It was named by SACOM because no English Official Name could be found for the investigated factory. SACOM has also changed the name from Dongguang Tianxiang Garment Co. Ltd to Dongguang Tianxiang Washing Co. Ltd in the report, which has no business relation with Super Glory.

[2] This is the link of the updated report: http://sacom.hk/the_human_cost_of_jeans/