The latest suicide case at Foxconn reminds us the predicament of workers is not over. On 5 November, a Foxconn worker, surnamed He, 22 years old, jumped from the dormitory in Guanlan, Shenzhen. He was the 18th Foxconn workers who committed suicide this year. It is reported that the suicide case was triggered by the news that he could not benefit from the pay rise in October.

In May, the number of suicide cases at Foxconn rose to a peak. Seven suicides were recorded in Shenzhen within a month. To divert the public sentiment and pressure from labour groups and the media, Foxconn announced that the basic wage for workers in its Shenzhen factories would be raised to CNY 2,000 per month, effective October. In other words, the wage increase is directly linked to the spate of suicides.

Although it is disappointing that Foxconn denies any problem in its management methodology, SACOM has high hopes for the wage increase, especially after Foxconn trumpeted that 85% of Shenzhen workers would receive the basic wage at CNY 2,000 in early October. Regrettably, workers were only informed by Foxconn about the pay rise in November. The latest tragedy also reflects that there are failures in the communication system at Foxconn, and workers are not well-respected.

Full text of the statement is available here.