By Lilian Zhang

Student organisers said yesterday that their voluntary investigation into Coca-Cola was inspired by Hong Kong peers who accused a mainland company of violating workers’ rights in April.

“Hong Kong students have set a very good example for us,” said organiser Yang Zhengjun, a graduate student at the Central University of Nationalities in Beijing.

In April, Nine Dragons Paper was accused of violating labour laws after Hong Kong’s Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour and student unions of two Hong Kong universities conducted an investigation.

Mr Yang then called on students to look into mainland factories and headed up a team of nine students, mostly from Beijing, Hangzhou and Guangdong universities, to work part-time at several Coca-Cola factories during the summer and national holidays.

The students unveiled their study report at a “press conference” at Mr Yang’s university on Sunday, calling on the company to apologise and compensate workers. They also set up a blog on and an online bulletin board service called “anticoke” to get their message out.