From: Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior (SACOM)

To: Swire Beverages, a major shareholder of Coca-Cola

As a socially responsible investor, Swire Beverages—holder of 44.6% Hangzhou BC Foods Company (the Coca-Cola Bottling Plant) shares—should advise Coca-Cola to review its illegal labor subcontracting practices in Hangzhou and other cities in mainland China.

On the 27th of August, SACOM wrote to Kathy Ho, Director of Public Affairs and Communications at Swire Beverages, to learn about the company’s monitoring of Coca-Cola’s operations. By the time we released this statement, Ms. Ho had unfortunately not yet agreed to take any concrete steps. Instead, she emphasized Swire Beverages’ independence from the dispute between the Hangzhou factory’s labor dispatch agency and the university student-workers.


The following was the letter from Swire Beverage to SACOM on 28 August 2009 in Chinese.




太古飲料 (太古股份有限公司之附屬公司)及杭州中萃食品有限公司(我系統杭州裝瓶廠,以下簡稱杭州中萃)一直密切關注此事件。我司及杭州中萃一直恪守國家勞動用工制度及地方相關法律法規。關于德清志强企業管理有限公司(以下簡稱志强公司)與其前雇員之間發生的糾紛,乃志强公司內部事件,與我司及杭州中萃並無直接關聯。可口可樂(中國)飲料有限公司與杭州中萃一直全力配合警方調查,並密切留意事態發展。