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[Statement] Apple still has miles to go despite the recent toxins ban

Hong Kong, 16 August 2014

On 13 August 2014, Apple announced the ban on benzene and n-hexane in the final assembly facilities of its iPhone and iPad products, a response to SACOM and other labour concern groups’ long-term campaign for a better working condition in Apple supply chain. Regrettably, it is a too-late commitment and there are still miles to achieve a healthy and safe environment to all workers in the Apple supply chain, when the ban is only effective in final assembly factories.

In Apple’s announcement, it claimed that investigations were conducted in 22 final assembly factories for the use of benzene and n-hexane. The investigative reports are undisclosed and Apple does not reveal the consequence of suppliers that failed to meet [...]

[Action Statement] Action to urge Yue Yuen (0551.HK) to account for the debts on social insurance to the workers

30 May 2014

Today (30 May 2014), labour organizations in Hong Kong stage a demonstration at the Annual General Meeting of Yue Yuen (0551.HK) against the ambiguous arrangement on the compensation of social insurance to the workers.

Since the 5 April, more than a thousand of workers from the world’s largest footwear manufacturer Yue Yuen went on strike in its Gaobu Factory in Dongguan to protest against its violation of labor rights including the deduction on the contribution of social insurance and the labor contracts without legal effect. Later, 50,000 workers joined the strike. Though the strike was ended, Yue Yuen has not yet clearly explained the total social insurance payment in arrear to all affected workers. [...]

[Statement] Supporting “Let’s Tackle Apple Action” of May of Solidarity in Europe

16 May 2014, Hong Kong

Today, workers and activists call for the “Let’s Tackle Apple Action” in different European cities, in front of the stores of the world’s most valuable brand Apple, to protest against Apple and its chief supplier Foxconn in labour exploitation. This concrete, transnational solidarity action is part of the May of Solidarity mobilization promoted by the Blockupy’s coordination and is very meaningful in nurturing grassroots strength, and challenging corporate squeeze in global electronic production. SACOM stands by our comrades around the world to end exploitation.

[Statement] Well-polished Apple’s CSR report is just another fairytale for workers

Hong Kong, 28 February 2014

On the day of Apple’s annual general meeting, Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour (SACOM) is urging Apple again to take immediate and constructive action to fulfil its corporate responsibility by improving the working conditions in its suppliers.

Despite respectable quarterly revenues of US$57.6 billion and a net quarterly profit of US$13.1 billion in the first quarter of its fiscal year of 2014[1], the company is unwilling to share its success with frontline workers – those who turn its ideas into real products. Apple’s newly published Corporate Supplier Responsibility (CSR) Progress Report projects an ideal workplace at Apple suppliers, yet we doubt [...]

Stop the Brutal Suppression of Workers and Trade Unions in Cambodia

10 January 2014

Stop the Brutal Suppression of Workers and Trade Unions in Cambodia

Today a group of Hong Kong-based labour rights organizations and trade unions staged a protest against the
Cambodian government for its violent suppression of the recent lawful strike of garment, textile and footwear workers
demanding for an increase of minimum wage. The representative from the Cambodian Consulate received the petition
letter, but there has been no response on its violent suppression on the trade unions and workers in Cambodia.
Numerous media reports have confirmed that at least four workers were brutally killed and 23 others severely injured
as [...]