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makeITfair: Important improvements at Chinese electronic factories but pressing issues remain

Significant improvements, such as higher wages, decreased number of student interns and discontinuance of Hepatitis B tests on job applicants have taken place after makeITfair published a report in 2009 about poor working conditions at four Chinese supplier factories of game consoles and MP3 players. The four factories (supplying to Apple, Microsoft, Motorola, Philips and Sony) have been recently [...]

ICTI CARE Makes Big Money While Workers Continue to Suffer

SACOM nominates Foxconn as the evil company for the 2011 People’s Award

Workers of Disney supplier are illegally dismissed

Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior (SACOM) has been informed by the Students Disney Watch (SDW) that six workers of a Disney supplier, Wide Ball Sporting Goods Ltd., were dismissed for refusing to transfer to another department in October. SACOM demands Disney to provide compensation for the workers who are illegally dismissed.

According to the SDW’s latest report, Workers are Kicked Out, Wide Ball intended to transfer workers from the printing department to the sampling department in September 2010. The hourly wage at the sampling department is only CNY 10. Therefore, the workers are reluctant to change their positions as they may earn less and the work at the sampling department is more complicated. Afterwards, the [...]

[Statement] Another suicide case at Foxconn reveals predicament of worker remains