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Appeal by Peuples Solidaires: China – Disney Plays Around With Its Workers

International campaign against Disney is led by SACOM and brings together several organisations defending workers’ rights, including United Students against Sweatshops (USAS), Writers Guild of America (WGA), National
Labour Committee (NLC), Sweatshop Watch, Clean Clothes Campaign Austria and Peuples Solidaires. SACOM has published three reports for this campaign, all available on its website (in English):

For this third year of campaigning, an online petition system has been put in place to collect as many signatures as possible until December 2007. Petition available in English here:


To: International Labor Standards of The Walt Disney Company

Students and Scholars against Corporate Misbehavior (SACOM), a Hong Kong-based nonprofit organization founded in June 2005, aims to monitor corporate behavior and to advocate for workers’ rights in China.

Before the opening of Disney’s 5th theme park, Hong Kong Disneyland, SACOM joined a group of university student activists who identified themselves as “Disney Hunter” to launch the “Looking for Mickey Mouse’s [...]

[Online Petition] Clean Clothes Campaign (Austria)

One Student One Worker Signature Campaign

—–In Support Empowerment of Chinese Workers in Factories Supplying Disney

SACOM have released a report on 18th August 2005 named “Looking for Mickey Mouse’s Conscience – A survey of the working conditions of Disney supplier factories in China” to disclose that there are violations of labor rights regarding wages, work time and health and safety of workers in factories in China that are producing Disney’s products. Though Disney has declared that they will monitor the factories according to their own code of conduct for manufacturers, we have found that factories produce fake records of wage and work time, and they train workers to give ‘proper’ answers to Disney’s auditors.