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A Reflective Article on Workers of the World’s Factory

A touching reflection by Fei GAO, a Duke University student who spent her summer in South China last year. Her article shows a glance of workers suffering from work injuries and the exploitation under the mark of “Made in China”. The article was first printed on Duke East Asia Nexus 4(1).



Leaflet – China calling: make IT fair

China calling: make IT fair. Chances are that your mobile phone was made in China. Half of the world’s mobile phones are made there – as well as huge numbers of computers, MP3 players and game consoles.

Download: Leaflet – CONSUMER GUIDE – Make IT Fair

Newsletter – Industry’s reactions to ‘High Tech – No Rights?’ disappoint so far (Good Electronics)

June, Bread for All, SACOM

The one year follow up report on working conditions in China’s electronic hardware sector by SACOM and Bread for All has not yet yielded substantial responses from the industry. The Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) has submitted a response, which however fails to deal with the main question, that is the gap between paper policies and implementation on the ground. The Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) has not yet given a reaction. Dell has promised to undertake a study on the three surveyed Lite-On Facilities in China, to be released within 90 days after the publication of the report, which means by August 2008. Other companies whose suppliers were surveyed have not given any feedback, despite being [...]

Newsletter: “High Tech – No Rights? ” A One Year Follow Up Report Release (Good Electronics)

“High Tech – No Rights? ” A One Year Follow Up Report on the Working Conditions in the Electronics Hardware Sector in China

A year after the launch of the “High Tech – No Rights?” campaign, Bread for All, the Swiss Catholic Lenten Fund, and Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior (SACOM) publish a new study on working conditions in the factories where our computers are made.  Download the full report here.

Link: Report: High Tech, No Rights – Good Electronics Newsletter 3rd Edition June2008

Newsletter – Activists accuse firm of targeting hepatitis B carriers (Good Electronics)

Students and Scholars against Corporate Misbehavior (SACOM and Beijing-based Yirenping (, a support group for Hepatitis B carriers, displayed signs and shouted slogans for two hours outside a Hong Kong listed electronics company, VTech Holdings, on 30 July 2007. Activists urged the firm to seriously take up its corporate social responsibility (CSR) and to respect Chinese workers’ right to equal employment. See here for more details.

Download link: Activists accuse firm of targeting hepatitis B carriers – Good Electronics 4th Edition Aug 2007