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Open letter to Coca-Cola and Swire Beverages: Replacing Rhetoric with Commitment, Rectifying the Illegal Use of Dispatched Workers

Letter to Wintek: Codes of brands and industry are in question with continued violations of labour rights

Petition Letter from Coke Concerned Student Group

Coke Concerned Student Group

Petition Letter

August 19th, 2009

In July of 2009, four university students began working at a Coca-Cola bottling plant in [...]

SACOM’s response to Swire Beverages on Coca-Cola’s labour subcontracting practices

From: Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior (SACOM)

To: Swire Beverages, a major shareholder of Coca-Cola

As a socially responsible investor, Swire Beverages—holder of 44.6% Hangzhou BC Foods Company (the Coca-Cola Bottling Plant) shares—should advise Coca-Cola to review its illegal labor subcontracting practices in Hangzhou and other cities in mainland China.

On the 27th of August, SACOM wrote to Kathy Ho, Director of Public Affairs and Communications at Swire Beverages, to learn about the company’s monitoring of Coca-Cola’s operations. By the time we released this statement, Ms. Ho had unfortunately not yet agreed to take any concrete steps. Instead, she emphasized Swire Beverages’ [...]

SACOM is Deeply Concerned about Mainland Students were Assaulted for Getting Owed Wage

TO: Coca-Cola & Swire Pacific CSR Departments

FROM: Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior (SACOM)DATE: 17 August 2009

At Hangzhou-based coke bottling factory, 4 outsourced mainland Chinese student-workers were owed backpay and 2 of them seriously beaten up. For details, please find the letter below (in simplified Chinese).

The Coke Concerned Group—in full support of the injured student-workers—will hold a press conference at 3:00 P.M. at Furong Guoli Restaurant, Beijing, on 19 August.