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The Guardian: Letters: Forced labour behind China’s economic miracle

The Guardian

Foxconn factory in Wuhan, China

New York Times: It’s a Matter of Commitment

December 12, 2012

The fire at Tazreen Fashions is a a wake-up call for worker safety. According to the Clean Clothes Campaign, about 700 people have died from factory fires since 2006. The repetition of gross labor rights violations is absolutely unacceptable. Nowadays, most of the international brands no longer set up their own factories, but place orders in the factories in the developing world, where working conditions are always precarious. By outsourcing production, the relationship between the brands and the production workers is no longer employer and employee, but clients and workers — and clients of clients and workers of clients — located somewhere in a faraway land. As a [...]

Talking Union: Chinese Students and Workers Confront Global Capitalism

Democratic Left  – We can grasp the dynamics of contemporary global capitalism through the prism of Foxconn. Nearly a million young Chinese workers assemble over 50 percent of all the electronics products consumed on the globe at 30 of its factories in China. In those massive production complexes armies of young men and women perform monotonous repetitive assembly tasks under quasimilitary discipline 60 hours a week for minimal pay.

Foxconn, controlled by Taiwanese billionaire Terry Gou, is China’s largest exporter and 60th largest global corporation with annual revenues of $79 billion (2010). Its largest corporate customer is Apple, whose iPhones and iPads it manufactures, but most other major global electronics companies also contract [...]

Foxconn – The Global Predator

Taiwan-owned Foxconn Technology Group is the world’s biggest contract electronics manufacturer, taking in over 50% of global electronics manufacturing and service industry revenue. Foxconn operates more than 40 manufacturing facilities and Research and Development centers in Asia, Russia, Europe, and the Americas. Its accumulated revenues for January to September 2010 reached NT $ 1.95 trillion (US $ 60.82 billion), up nearly 63% on the previous year-larger than some of the companies for which it manufacturers products such as Microsoft and Nokia by the rankings of the Global Fortune 500 Companies. With the huge government expenditure and the rapid growth of demand for consumer electronics, China’s export economy is fast recovering from the recent [...]

Mingpao Monthly: 尋找富士康事件的元兇