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South China Morning Post: Wal-Mart starts probe on suicide at Shenzhen plant

Retail chain giant Wal-Mart Stores has launched an investigation into the recent suicide of a female worker at the mainland plant of its Hong Kong die-cast toy car supplier, Winson Plastic Manufactory.

The investigation was initiated by the United States company following the reported suicide on May 16 of Hu Nianzhen, a 45-year-old employee who jumped from a building at Winson’s Sturdy Products Factory site in Shenzhen after allegedly being berated by the management.

“We take reports like this very seriously and we will implement a corrective action plan if our investigations confirm any of the findings,” Wal-Mart spokeswoman Megan Murphy told the South China Morning Post (SEHK: 0583, announcements, news) .

Beijing News: 國台辦回應富士康爆炸事故 稱望台企保生產安全 ‘Explosion at Foxconn is not accidental’

A blast broke out at Foxconn’s plant in Chengdu on 20 May evening killed 2 workers and injured 16. The plant is situated in the Processing Zone of Pi County, Chengdu and is a major production site for iPad. The explosion is not accidental.

SACOM pinpointed the problem of the aluminum dust in the polishing department in its report in early May 2011.

Historic [...]

BBC: Foxconn factory explosion in China kills three

A Foxconn spokesman said the situation was under control and the blast was being investigated

An explosion at a Chinese factory owned by Foxconn has killed three people and injured 15.

The incident happened on a production line for Apple’s iPad 2 inChengdu in the south-western province of Sichuan, according to local media reports.

It is unclear whether production of the iPad will be disrupted.

The Taiwanese manufacturer was quick to state the incident was an accident and police have ruled out foul play.


Deustche Welle: NGO slams working conditions at iPhone maker Foxconn

Last year, a spate of suicides brought the Taiwanese firm Foxconn, which makes iPhones for Apple, into disrepute. In a new report, a Hong Kong-based NGO says working conditions in the company’s factories are deplorable.

Across mainland China, there are hundreds and thousands of people employed to make cell phones, MP3 players and computers for the Taiwanese firm Foxconn, which supplies goods to renowned customers such as Nintendo, Intel, HP, Apple or Dell.

Their working conditions are terrible, according to a new survey by the Hong Kong-based NGO, Students & Scholars against Corporate Misbehavior, and have not necessarily [...]