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In These Times/ Huffington Post: Your “Distressed” Jeans Are Wearing Out Workers’ Lungs

“Distressed” jeans are designed to make that wear-and-tear look seem oh-so-effortless, but it can be the result of someone’s body taking a real beating.

In China, manual sandblasting techniques have given an increasing number of workers serious lung and respiratory problems. (From SACOM)

According to a recent investigation by the advocacy groups Clean Clothes Campaign, War on Want, and Hong Kong-based Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour [...]

Quartz/ Huffington Post: Your Distressed Jeans May Be Harboring A Dirty Secret

Demand for ripped, distressed jeans is causing real distress in the garment industry. At least five factories in southern China are still using a widely banned practice of sandblasting—linked to an incurable form of lung disease—to wear out jeans, according to a new report (pdf) by a consortium of workers’ rights groups.

Even dirtier than they look. Bobby Yip /Reuters

Sandblasting—a way of speeding up the process of wear [...]

South China Morning Post: Foxconn investors look to bright side with stock surge

Report of Mozilla deal shades Apple setback as labour protesters turn up the volume at AGM

Toh Han Shih


Labour activists make their point at the Foxconn meeting.

The Hong Kong share price of Foxconn International jumped 7.2 per cent, on a day the smartphone manufacturer’s labour practices came under attack by protesters at its annual general meeting.

With yesterday’s spike, Foxconn’s stock has now soared 18 per cent from Monday to HK$3.73 [...] A More Democratic Foxconn? No One Told the Workers

WEDNESDAY MAY 15, 2013 8:25 PM


With a workforce of more than one million, the electronics giant Foxconn has enough workers in its Chinese factories to fill a small country. So it’s fitting that the company has vowed to make its manufacturing kingdom a bit more democratic by encouraging union elections.

But although the company announced its push for union democracy in February, a subsequent study by academics in Hong Kong and mainland China reveals that many workers don’t even know whether they’re in a union, and many others don’t have a clear idea of what their union does or how it works. And that actually makes perfect sense, since China’s unions are ill-defined, bureaucratized institutions—politically [...]

South China Morning Post: Activists push Apple over work conditions