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Workers as Machines: Military Management in Foxconn

Wal-Mart Supplier Produces Severed Fingers and Hands

In August 2010 Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior (SACOM) visited seven workers who suffered industrial accidents at Elec-Tech. The following findings are from in-depth interviews with the workers.

Elec-Tech is a factory that produces severed fingers and hands!” stated Ruan Li Bing, who had his forearm cut off in an accident last year. “After so many cases of injuries, Elec-Tech has become [...]

Tolerating Violations in the ICTI CARE Process: Tianyu Toys Keeps Failing to Meet Standards

10 August 2010

This is the third time SACOM has conducted an investigation at Tianyu. In October 2007, SACOM issued a report titled “Tianyu Toys Brings You Winnie the Pooh”, which highlighted the factory’s rampant violations of labour laws, including excessive working hours, underpayment, and cheating in factory audits. During summer of 2009, SACOM revisited Tianyu to see if any improvement had taken place in the factory. The second report, “Exploitation of Toy Factory Workers at the Bottom of the Global Supply Chain”, was issued in cooperation with Südwind Agentur and other allies of Stop Toying Around.Disappointingly, serious labour law violations remained. Soon after our [...]

Report: Apple Owes Workers and Public a Response over the Poisonings

Investigative Report on Hangzhou Coca-Cola Bottling Plant: A Disaster Caused by the Dispatch Labor System!