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iSlave behind the iPhone: Foxconn Workers in Central China

Foxconn and Apple Fail to Fulfill Promises: Predicaments of Workers after the Suicides


The series of suicides at Foxconn[1] in the first five months of 2010 seemed to have accelerated its relocation across all parts of China. One year on, the inland provincial governments compete with each other for Foxconn’s investment by offering concessions to the company. In the first round of competition, Zhengzhou of Henan Province has won the project among various interested cities, followed by Chengdu of Sichuan Province after [...]

makeITfair: Important improvements at Chinese electronic factories but pressing issues remain

Significant improvements, such as higher wages, decreased number of student interns and discontinuance of Hepatitis B tests on job applicants have taken place after makeITfair published a report in 2009 about poor working conditions at four Chinese supplier factories of game consoles and MP3 players. The four factories (supplying to Apple, Microsoft, Motorola, Philips and Sony) have been recently [...]

Shielding Labour Rights Violations in the ICTI Certification System

[Report] Disney, Walmart and ICTI Together Make Workers Rights Violations Normal and Sustainable