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[Report] Story of Wenlock & Mandeville Begins with Sweatshops

Sweatshops are good for Apple and Foxconn, but not for workers

“What’s wrong with sweatshops?” sums up the attitude of Terry Gou Taiming, the Foxconn CEO. In April 2012, when Foxconn organised a trip to Taiwan for selected Mainland workers, Gou explained his views to the Taiwan media, saying “There’s nothing wrong with working hard, with blood and sweat, as long as no laws are broken.” Most of the workers are angry with Terry Gou’s statement. “Of course sweatshops are good for Terry Gou, but not us. Without our blood and sweat, how could Foxconn grow rapidly?” Lin Yong, a male worker from Guanlan campus retorted.

Fair Games? Not for workers making sportswear for the Olympics

While London Olympics vowed to be ” the most sustainable games ever”, SACOM investigated Guangzhou Tien sung sporting Goods Co Ltd, a subsidiary of Amerseas Enterprises Ltd listed by Adidas as one of suppliers manufacturing apparel for the London 2012 Olympics. Law violations was found in the workplace, as well as other labour rights problems.

According to the responses provided by the workers, the factory was at the time producing for two multinational brands – adidas and Fila. The workers stated that adidas has been a long-term business partner of Tien Sung and is the factory’s
primary client. The workers interviewed confirmed that the Adidas products they were producing included items that had carried the Team [...]

LOCOG’s Empty Promise to Respect Labour Rights: Olympic mascots made in sweatshops

Making Toys without Joy: ICTI CARE Covers Labour Rights Violations for Global Toy Brands like Disney, Walmart & Mattel

In Guangdong province, where 70% of China’s toys are exported, migrant workers’ basic salary is around CNY 850-1320 (USD 134-208), actually the same as the statutory local minimum wage. And the minimum wage is barely enough for self-subsistence. Restricted by the meager pay, workers have to leave their children behind in their hometowns where they can only visit once a year during Chinese New Year, and for this family reunion, they cannot afford to buy what they produce as gifts for their children – not a Mattel’s Hot Wheels toy car, not a Disney storybook. The hardship of the workers is a consequence of the squeezing unit price in the global supply [...]