In June 2009 Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbebaviour (SACOM) published the report, “With new Apple business on the horizon, Wintek keeps costs down by suppressing strike in mainland China”. Disappointingly, since the publication of this report, not much improvement in working conditions is observed by SACOM. As such, SACOM is writing to express our deep concern over the working conditions of the workers at Dongguan Masstop Liquid Crystal Display Co. Ltd (Masstop).

The Taiwanese Wintek Group is a well-known enterprise in China and is a supplier to prominent brands like Nokia, Apple, Motorola, Samsung. According to your buyers codes of conduct, it is expected that your company should not only comply with the minimum legal standards on workers rights in Taiwan as well as in China, but also takes the well-being of workers into account in your management. Wintek also claims that the corporation’s philosophy is to “continuously create hopes for an improved future for all who contribute to the company”. In reality, SACOM finds that there a huge gap between the letters and practices from the plight of workers at Masstop.

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