Internal Audit & CSR Department

Citizen Holdings Co., Ltd.

6-1-12 Tanashi-cho


Tokyo 188-8511


Dear Sir / Madam,

Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour (SACOM) is a Hong Kong-based organization strives for labour rights in Mainland China. We are writing to express our concerns over the strike at your production facility, Astar Precision Co. Factory, in Shenzhen, China. Although some media reported that the strike was over in late October, a blog from Astar workers claimed they were forced to return to work with the strong presence of riot police. SACOM demands the management to have genuine dialogue with workers and ensure no worker will be retaliated for their rights-defending action.

Prior to the strike in Shenzhen, there was another strike in Citizen’s plant in Dongguan.

The strikes reveal there is an absence of effective communication system in the factory. SACOM is very disappointed that Citizen Holdings does not learn a lesson from the strike in Dongguan and address to the grievances of the workers in Shenzhen. To suppress the demands of workers, Citizen Holdings has asked the riot police to coerce workers to stop their actions. In fact, the workers in Astar are only striving for their basic entitlements. Any socially-responsible brand should resolve the problems without delay.

Until now, the courageous workers are still waiting for the response from Citizen Holdings. SACOM categorically supports the reasonable demands of the workers. The workers demand Astar:

– To compensate the deducted wages from 1 Oct 2005 to 31 Oct 2010 for the 40-minute recess;

– To pay the pension scheme for workers base on their actual salary;

– To remedy for the workers who are affected by the relocation plan of the factory in accordance with the legal standard; and

– To negotiate with the workers representatives on an equal footing. (The existing trade union is a bogus structure.)

SACOM strongly demands the Citizen Holdings can address the demands of the workers in a timely manner and stop further harassment to the workers on strike. Thank you for your attention!

Yours faithfully,

Debby Chan

Project Officer


cc. Astar Precision Co. Ltd.