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The House of Mouse using sweatshops?

That was the charge an activist group made yesterday from outside the Disney Store on Fifth Ave. The protesters said most of Disney’s children’s books are made in two Chinese factories where workers put in up to 100 hours a week for pennies an hour.

“Disney is using this terrible standard of labor and building their company, including this store, on the backs of these workers,” said Charles Kernaghan, executive director of the National Labor Committee, which famously exposed sweatshop labor behind the brand name of Kathie Lee Gifford.

Yesterday’s news conference was prompted by a report from Hong Kong-based Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior, charging horrendous conditions at two Disney factories – Nord Race and Hung Hing.

The factories are in the southern coastal region of China’s Guangdong province.

The report documents workers being forced to work 13- to 15-hour shifts, seven days a week at just 33 cents an hour – well below China’s legal minimum wage of 42 cents.

Gary Foster, spokesman for Disney Consumer Products, released a statement promising a probe of the charges.

“The Walt Disney Co. takes claims such as those raised today by the National Labor Committee very seriously,” the statement said. “Disney and its licensees will work closely to ensure a thorough investigation of these claims and take the appropriate actions to remediate violations found.”