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Support the Massive Strike at Adidas Supplier in Vietnam

Between the dates of 24th-29th June, about 93,000 workers from Pou Yuen Vietnam Company went on strike for better working conditions. Their brave action encouraged another shoe factory in close proximity to also strike. Pou Yuen was a subsidiary of Pou Chen Group, the world’s leading footwear manufacturer. It is reported that Adidas is one of the major buyers of Pou Yuen in Vietnam. While exhilarated by the success in mobilization in the strike, Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior (SACOM) are deeply worried about the plight of the workers at Pou Yuen. The strike ended on 29thJune after the strong intervention from the local government. About 20 current and former workers [...]

Suicide Case Reaffirms ICTI’s Bogus Certification System

On 16 May, Hu Nianzhen, a 45-year-old female worker at Sturdy Products (泰強製品廠) jumped from a factory building to end her life after being berated by the management. Sturdy Products produces die-cast cars for Mattel, Walmart and Disney, and is certified by the ICTI CARE Process (seal no. C0283). As with the spate of suicides at Foxconn last year, Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour (SACOM) questions whether this current case [...]

Postcard to Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple

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[Video] The Truth of the Apple iPad Behind Foxconn’s Lies

Beijing News: 國台辦回應富士康爆炸事故 稱望台企保生產安全