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[Statement] SACOM’s Reply to Apple’s Claim of “Quanta Chongqing is not our manufacturer”

Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour (SACOM) published the report disclosing the student workers abuses happened in Apple’s manufacturer – Quanta Computer today (22/9). The public were shocked knowing the labour right violations disclosed and medias have been contacting Apple for its response. Apple replied that “Chongqing Quanta is not one of Apple’s suppliers” and try to escape from the responsibility of the abuses found. However, the claim of Apple is totally different to the truth.

Apple Watch 3 – Exploit Student Workers Further An Investigative Report on Apple Watch’s Exclusive Manufacturer

Apple Inc. has been actively relocating its manufacturing centres to regions with lower costs since 2010. This shift has been growing even faster in recent years due to the improvement of working conditions in coastal China. This investigative report aims to examine whether Apple is complying with its own Suppliers Responsibility Standards and local laws while establishing relationships with new manufacturers in these less developed regions.

This report discloses the abuses of student interns found in Quanta Computer, Apple Watch’s exclusive manufacturer. Relevant sections of Apple’s “Supplier Responsibility Standards” and China’s “Administrative Provisions of Internships for Vocational School Students” are quoted in comparison with the [...]

Blood and Sweat Behind the Screen of iPhones – Another Investigative Report on Apple’s Largest Display Screen Supplier

Since 2009, Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour (SACOM) has been concerning with the labour condition of Apple’s supply chain in China. A series of investigations and campaigns were held in the years to urge Apple and its manufacturers to stop abusing workers in China. In 2013, SACOM published its first investigative report of Biel Crystal, Apple’s largest display screen manufacturer, disclosing the inhumane working conditions in factory. In 2015, SACOM organized a second round of investigation on the same factory targeting to re-examine the working conditions. Researchers applied as general workers of Biel’s Huizhou factory and conducted undercover investigation inside the plant to collect evident and materials.

Reality Behind Brands’ CSR Hypocrisy: An Investigative Report on China Suppliers of ZARA, H&M, and GAP

SACOM (Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior) has been concerned about working conditions in suppliers in China manufacturing for fashion brands since it was founded. On July 19th, SACOM launched its investigative report targeted Zara, H&M and Gap, which are undoubtedly the top three of the most valuable brands in the global fashion industry today together with a html 5 online game, “Fast Fashion Sweatshop Escape” (

In the spring of 2015 and 2016, SACOM conducted undercover investigations inside four of Zara, H&M, and GAP’s supplier factories in China. Despite three brands’ CSR policies appear to be comprehensive and enable them to proclaim ethical, SACOM’s investigation reveals remarkable disparity [...]

[Report] [Revised Edition 2016] Unveiling The Labour Rights Violations — The Second Investigative Report on UNIQLO’s Suppliers in China

The UNIQLO campaign aims at unveiling the poor labour conditions in China under the global fast fashion supply chain. It aspires to raise public awareness on the labour issues behind UNIQLO’s trendy clothes and urges the company to correct the labour rights violations, which SACOM has found in the latest investigation on its supplier factories.

In January 2015, Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour (SACOM), Labour Action China (LAC), and a Tokyo-based international organization, Human Rights Now (HRN), jointly launched the first investigation into labour conditions at two of UNIQLO’s key suppliers in China: Pacific Textile Ltd (Pan Yu) and Dongguan Luen Thai Garment Co., Ltd. After the launch of SACOM’s first investigative [...]