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SACOM nominated Disney for the Public Eye Awards 2006

Serious labor and human rights violations by Walt Disney subcontractors tarnish the carefree image that the entertainment giant tries to present to us through its films and cartoon figures. However the company does not publish the names of its suppliers in China and therefore prevents the verification of working conditions through independent inspectors. SACOM calls on Walt Disney to publish the names of its suppliers and to allow independent NGOs to make regular inspections of their operations.

Freepress: Award’ Goes to Disney for Irresponsible Corporate Practices

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On opening day of the World Economic Forum (WEF), The Berne Declaration and Pro Natura have for the second year selected the most irresponsible corporations. This year’s award recipients are Chevron Corp., The Walt Disney Company and Citigroup Inc. The first-ever “Positive Award” goes to the Mexican labor union SNRTE and the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) German watch and FIAN.

Over 20 domestic and foreign corporations made up the short list for the “Public Eye Awards 2006”. In addition, 10 NGOs from five continents applied for the first-ever “Positive Award.” (All nominations are available in English at

The Guardian: Disney accused of labour abuses in Chinese factories

Disney accused of labour abuses in Chinese factories

The Guardian

The New York Times: Disney Adds a Qualifier for Serving on Its Board

Disney Adds a Qualifier for Serving on Its Board

The New York Times

By LAURA M. HOLSON and ROBEN FARZADAugust 19, 2005

The Walt Disney Company took additional steps yesterday to strengthen the governance of its board and, in effect, become more shareholder-friendly.

Under a provision adopted by the board, if shareholders withhold a majority of their votes from any director, the board member would be required to resign, submitting a letter to the governance and nominating committee.

The committee would then recommend to the board whether the resignation should be accepted.

South China Morning Post: Mistaking the Micky

Mistaking the Micky

South China Morning Post CITY5 |  LIFE


Student groups are joining forces to rally against Disney for what they see as government favouritism and the exploitation of mainland labour, writes Carrie Chan

ON THE FACE of it, they’re just the sort who would rush to the new Disneyland or apply for jobs there. They’re young; they grew up with the characters; they’ve got money to burn. Instead, [...]