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New York Times: It’s a Matter of Commitment

December 12, 2012

The fire at Tazreen Fashions is a a wake-up call for worker safety. According to the Clean Clothes Campaign, about 700 people have died from factory fires since 2006. The repetition of gross labor rights violations is absolutely unacceptable. Nowadays, most of the international brands no longer set up their own factories, but place orders in the factories in the developing world, where working conditions are always precarious. By outsourcing production, the relationship between the brands and the production workers is no longer employer and employee, but clients and workers — and clients of clients and workers of clients — located somewhere in a faraway land. As a [...]

Fair Games? Not for workers making sportswear for the Olympics

While London Olympics vowed to be ” the most sustainable games ever”, SACOM investigated Guangzhou Tien sung sporting Goods Co Ltd, a subsidiary of Amerseas Enterprises Ltd listed by Adidas as one of suppliers manufacturing apparel for the London 2012 Olympics. Law violations was found in the workplace, as well as other labour rights problems.

According to the responses provided by the workers, the factory was at the time producing for two multinational brands – adidas and Fila. The workers stated that adidas has been a long-term business partner of Tien Sung and is the factory’s
primary client. The workers interviewed confirmed that the Adidas products they were producing included items that had carried the Team [...]

Support the Massive Strike at Adidas Supplier in Vietnam

Between the dates of 24th-29th June, about 93,000 workers from Pou Yuen Vietnam Company went on strike for better working conditions. Their brave action encouraged another shoe factory in close proximity to also strike. Pou Yuen was a subsidiary of Pou Chen Group, the world’s leading footwear manufacturer. It is reported that Adidas is one of the major buyers of Pou Yuen in Vietnam. While exhilarated by the success in mobilization in the strike, Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior (SACOM) are deeply worried about the plight of the workers at Pou Yuen. The strike ended on 29thJune after the strong intervention from the local government. About 20 current and former workers [...]

The African Times: Adidas wage dispute

Is the sporting goods maker paying Chinese staff in line with its own ethical standard?

Workers making Adidas products in Guangzhou are paid too little to live on, allege labor rights advocates. The company denies violating its code of conduct. Who’s right? We visited the factory at issue. 

Chen Dawei (not his real name) was fed up. “The rice is bad,” said the 20-year-old worker. It’s inedible, undercooked, too little fat – and not just today, but every day.

Last year workers went on strike in the factory in Guangzhou that produces sportswear for Adidas. Some workers said it was because of the bad food. Others say the walkout had more to do with the meager pay. For whatever reason, the tailors and seamstresses turned [...]