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Mythos CSR 2011 interview with Jenny Chan

Mythos CSR 2011 interview with Jenny Chan about the SACOM-HP Labour Rights Training Programme is here.

[German: lektronik: Es ist noch ein langer Weg – Interview mit Jenny Chan über Arbeitsrechtstrainings bei HP-Zulieferern in China].

Reviewing the labour rights training at HP supplier factories in China

A review by Jenny Chan on a participatory training in labour rights as a complementary strategy in relation to supplier auditing in advancing CSR. It focus on the multi-stakeholder project carried out by HP, SACOM, and two other Hong Kong NGOs. The Steering committee collaborated on a training programme at two HP suppliers in Dongguan City in Guangdong Province. Between September 2008 and June 2009, a total of 4,500 frontline workers and managers at different levels actively participated in training sessions. The full article, which is originally published in the book Industrial Democracy in China (Edited by Rudolf Traub-Merz and Kinglun Ngok, 2012), can be downloaded Behind the Shiny Screen

Jenny Chan’s speech at UN Expert Multi-Stakeholder Consultation New war of the flea: CSR and labor activism in China