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Sweatshop conditions abound in electronics industry

In solidarity with trade union of Young Fast Optoelectronics

Leaflet – China calling: make IT fair

China calling: make IT fair. Chances are that your mobile phone was made in China. Half of the world’s mobile phones are made there – as well as huge numbers of computers, MP3 players and game consoles.

Download: Leaflet – CONSUMER GUIDE – Make IT Fair

Mobile phone manufacturing in China & Philippines Report–Silenced to Deliver

Motorola Refuses Responsibility for Poisoned Workers, Hides Violations in Second Tier Suppliers

On January 4th and 15th, 2007, SACOM returned to the Shenzhen site of Hivac Startech Film Window.  Hivac is a direct supplier of Foxconn and a second-tier supplier of Motorola.

Interviews from those visits verified Hivac have lost substantial orders for Motorola lenses, forcing Hivac to terminate the employment of close to half of its workforce. Hivac now employs only approximately 400 people despite a maximum capacity of 800 workers.  Most of the 400 workers still employed worry they will lose their jobs before the Chinese New Year and that they will never [...]