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Widespread Labour Abuses at Disney and Mattel Factories ICTI doesn’t care about labour rights standards

[Hong Kong, 7 January 2013]

Today, the Hong Kong Toys and Game Fair is held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. It is the venue for the brands and manufacturers to seek business opportunities. Yet, the Toys Fair will not care about if the labour practices in the toy factories are fair for the workers or not. From July to November 2012, Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour (SACOM) investigated the Dongguan Tianyu Toys Co. Ltd. and the Dongguan Chang [...]

[Report] Story of Wenlock & Mandeville Begins with Sweatshops

[Statement] Workers Toil for the Toys Fair: Disney, Mattel & ICTI Don’t Care



Beyblade spinning tops, Zhu Zhu Pets and remote-controlled Cars 2 cars are this year’s star Christmas toys. But behind the scenes little Christmas cheer surrounds the production of these toys, in an industry that’s worth $80 billion a year globally. Now a report on working conditions in the toy industry in China has comes down hard on industry leaders Disney and Mattel.

Between May and October, which represents the busy season for toy factories, a group of academics based in Hong Kong, Sacom, and the organization China Labor Watch (CLW) conducted a thorough investigation into several sub-contractors of [...]

Making Toys without Joy: ICTI CARE Covers Labour Rights Violations for Global Toy Brands like Disney, Walmart & Mattel

In Guangdong province, where 70% of China’s toys are exported, migrant workers’ basic salary is around CNY 850-1320 (USD 134-208), actually the same as the statutory local minimum wage. And the minimum wage is barely enough for self-subsistence. Restricted by the meager pay, workers have to leave their children behind in their hometowns where they can only visit once a year during Chinese New Year, and for this family reunion, they cannot afford to buy what they produce as gifts for their children – not a Mattel’s Hot Wheels toy car, not a Disney storybook. The hardship of the workers is a consequence of the squeezing unit price in the global supply [...]