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Foxconn is the perpetrator for child labour

Hong Kong, 16 October 2012


The PR stunts by Foxconn are impaired by the riot in Taiyuan and the strike in Zhengzhou. The abusive [...]

[Report]New iPhone, Old Abuses: Have working conditions at Foxconn in China improved?

Whenever there are new products launched by Apple, consumers are thrilled. All over the world they queue up outside Apple stores in order to have their beloved products immediately. At the same time, workers are queuing up for the company bus and lining up to swipe their staff card at Foxconn, but without similar excitement. When the peak season comes, they are tied to the production lines with just 1 day off in 13 working days, or no rest day at all in a month, all to cope with the public demand for the new Apple products. It is sad to say that to some extent, workers also yearn for the peak season because their base pay is insufficient to meet their basic needs, especially for those who have to [...]

The Washington Post: Foxconn denies vocational students forced to work

By Hayley Tsukayama

A report from The New York Times has highlighted complaints that Foxconn, which assembles components for Apple and other technology companies, has been forcing vocational student workers to make iPhones.

The accusations come from two groups, which have been following Foxconn’s practices closely: A Taiwanese group called Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior and the New York-based group China Labor Watch. China Labor Watch has also been vocal lately about working conditions in Samsung factories, prompting Samsung to look into reports that the companies in its production chain use underage workers to build its phones.

New York Times: China Plant Again Faces Labor Issue on iPhones


SHANGHAI — As Apple prepares to unveil the latest iPhone this week, the company’s manufacturing partner in China, Foxconn Technology, is coming under renewed criticism over labor practices after reports that vocational students were being compelled to work at plants making iPhones and their components.

Foxconn has acknowledged using student “interns” on manufacturing lines, but says they are free to leave at any time. But two worker advocacy groups said Monday that they had spoken with students who said they had been forced by their teachers to assemble iPhones at a Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou, in north-central China.

FLA report shows some policy changes at Foxconn but few improvements for workers