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The Labor Question in China: Apple and Beyond


This essay, by Ralph Litzinger,  introduces recent efforts by activists, NGOs, and academics to investigate and report on the working conditions for Chinese workers along Apple’s supply chain in China. Tracking the “suicide express” at the Foxconn factory complex in Shenzhen in 2010, the work of the Hong Kong–based activist labor organization Students and Scholars against Corporate Misbehavior, a coalition of environmental organizations headquartered in Beijing, and reporting by journalists, the essay shows how Apple was forced to go public about the myriad environmental, health, and labor problems in its outsourced factories. This essay also [...]

[Statement] Strike erupted over dire working conditions at Foxconn

[Statement] Apple Should be Responsible for Drinking Water Poisoning at Its Supplier

11 January 2013, Hong Kong

It was no new stories that Apple Inc. consistently neglect occupational safety and health (OSH) conditions at its suppliers. There were numerous reports about workers suffering from chemical poisoning and serious injuries caused by dust explosion cases at Apple factories. SACOM have recently learnt that a group of workers at an Apple supplier, Sunrex Computer (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd, were subjected to collective poisoning inside factory. We regret that Apple repetitively disregard workers’ lives.

Talking Union: Chinese Students and Workers Confront Global Capitalism

Democratic Left  – We can grasp the dynamics of contemporary global capitalism through the prism of Foxconn. Nearly a million young Chinese workers assemble over 50 percent of all the electronics products consumed on the globe at 30 of its factories in China. In those massive production complexes armies of young men and women perform monotonous repetitive assembly tasks under quasimilitary discipline 60 hours a week for minimal pay.

Foxconn, controlled by Taiwanese billionaire Terry Gou, is China’s largest exporter and 60th largest global corporation with annual revenues of $79 billion (2010). Its largest corporate customer is Apple, whose iPhones and iPads it manufactures, but most other major global electronics companies also contract [...]

[Statement] iPad Mini-mizes Labour Rights