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Newsletter – Motorola Cut & Run to Avoid Responsibility for Workers’ Rights (Good Electronics)

Hivac is a second-tier supplier of Motorola making lenses for Motorola phones out of Nanshan, Shenzhen Special Economic Zone in southern China. After a SACOM and SOMO report revealing labour rights violations, Motorola retained Intertek to conduct a CSR audit at Hivac. Instead of taking corrective actions, Motorola withdrew orders from Hivac as a direct result of pressure on Motorola to enforce workers’ rights at Hivac. By December 2006, some 300 of the 700 production workers at Hivac have had lost their jobs. You can support the workers and SACOM in their demand to Motorola to respond immediately and to fulfill its social responsibilities.

Interfax China: Workers poisoned in mobile phone factories in China
Workers poisoned in mobile phone factories in China – report

Shanghai. December 13. INTERFAX-CHINA – Major mobile phone factories in China, Thailand, the Philippines and India, including those supplying Nokia and

Oriental Daily: 大陸外資電腦廠聘童工苛榨


REPORT – “Clean up your Computer” Campaign

SACOM launches the “Clean up your Computer” Campaign to urge Dell, Acer, NEC, Siemens, Samsung, Fujitsu, and Motorola to completely resolve the aforementioned problems at Yonghong & all the supplier factories. The brand-name corporations must do the right thing as follows:

1. Strictly enforce the Chinese Labor Law to safeguard workers’ lawful rights.

2. Give every worker at every supplier a written employment contract and a copy of the EICC in Chinese;

3. Raise the order price and lengthen turn-over times so as to reflect reasonable labor costs.

The Working Condition of Motorola’s Supplier Factory in China(2006)

To: Edward J. Zander, Chairman and CEO of Motorola, Inc.

Our investigation exposes that Hivac Startech Film Window (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. has seriously violated workers’ basic labour rights and human rights. Now, 9 women workers, in their very young age, have already contracted an occupational disease. Both their bodies and their spirits have been deeply wounded. One of them was forced to abort her child, causing serious physical pain and psychological trauma.

The factory continues to shirk its responsibility, to maliciously repress and harass the victims as well as new workers, and to disregard occupational health and safety. We are very concerned that more workers will become occupational poisoning victims and more families will have to endure [...]