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Foxconn – The Global Predator

Taiwan-owned Foxconn Technology Group is the world’s biggest contract electronics manufacturer, taking in over 50% of global electronics manufacturing and service industry revenue. Foxconn operates more than 40 manufacturing facilities and Research and Development centers in Asia, Russia, Europe, and the Americas. Its accumulated revenues for January to September 2010 reached NT $ 1.95 trillion (US $ 60.82 billion), up nearly 63% on the previous year-larger than some of the companies for which it manufacturers products such as Microsoft and Nokia by the rankings of the Global Fortune 500 Companies. With the huge government expenditure and the rapid growth of demand for consumer electronics, China’s export economy is fast recovering from the recent [...]

[Report] More Workers are Poisoned by Apple

28 October 2010

In March 2010, a SACOM research team went to investigate the massive poisoning case at United Win (China) Technology Ltd., a subsidiary of Wintek Corporation in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China.

In mid-2009, there were rumours about workers being poisoned. The poisoning cases [...] Foxconn Chennai strike oppression sparks backlash

PC World: Foxconn Workers Exploited in India, Activists Say

[Statement] In Support of the Struggle of Foxconn Workers in India, All Imprisoned Strike Participants Should be Freed