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A Reflective Article on Workers of the World’s Factory

A touching reflection by Fei GAO, a Duke University student who spent her summer in South China last year. Her article shows a glance of workers suffering from work injuries and the exploitation under the mark of “Made in China”. The article was first printed on Duke East Asia Nexus 4(1).



[Statement] Supporting “Let’s Tackle Apple Action” of May of Solidarity in Europe

16 May 2014, Hong Kong

Today, workers and activists call for the “Let’s Tackle Apple Action” in different European cities, in front of the stores of the world’s most valuable brand Apple, to protest against Apple and its chief supplier Foxconn in labour exploitation. This concrete, transnational solidarity action is part of the May of Solidarity mobilization promoted by the Blockupy’s coordination and is very meaningful in nurturing grassroots strength, and challenging corporate squeeze in global electronic production. SACOM stands by our comrades around the world to end exploitation.

Seven Hong Kong Labour Organizations’ Open Letter responding against Six Hong Kong Chambers of Commerce on the Regulations of Guangdong Province Collective Contracts of Enterprises (the “Revised Draft”)

Seven Labour Organizations have jointly signed an open letter responding against the suggestion to put aside the GuangDong Province Collective Contract of Enterprises  given by the Six Hong Kong Chambers of Commerce. The open letter has sent to the HKSAR Chief Executive, Liaison Office of the Central People’s  Government of HKSAR, International Labour Organization, All China Federation of  Trade Unions etc.


Stop the Brutal Suppression of Workers and Trade Unions in Cambodia

10 January 2014

Stop the Brutal Suppression of Workers and Trade Unions in Cambodia

Today a group of Hong Kong-based labour rights organizations and trade unions staged a protest against the
Cambodian government for its violent suppression of the recent lawful strike of garment, textile and footwear workers
demanding for an increase of minimum wage. The representative from the Cambodian Consulate received the petition
letter, but there has been no response on its violent suppression on the trade unions and workers in Cambodia.
Numerous media reports have confirmed that at least four workers were brutally killed and 23 others severely injured
as [...]

Two journal articles on Apple’s Foxconn factories in China

New Technology, Work and Employment (July 2013), and The Asia-Pacific Journal (August 2013), features two articles on Foxconn in China – “A Suicide Survivor: The Life of a Chinese Worker.” by Jenny Chan and “The Politics of Global Production: Apple, Foxconn and China’s New Working Class.” by Jenny Chan, Pun Ngai and Mark Selden.

As described in the editorial to the July issue by Debra Howcroft and Phil Taylor:

“These papers in different ways are concerned with the production of electronic consumables by Foxconn, the Taiwanese-owned multinational supplier, which is China’s leading exporter. … The first of the articles provides the remarkable testimony of Tian Yu, a young female migrant worker, who attempted suicide by [...]