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Reflections on Labor in China: From a Moment to a Movement

By Tim Pringle


This essay contrasts the scattered resistance of Chinese urban workers to the restructuring of state-owned enterprises at the turn of the century with the long march of migrant workers from victims to subjects. I argue that the “functional authoritarian” nature of the Chinese state and its policy of embracing globalization created the conditions for the defeat of China’s traditional urban working class. Coinciding with this moment has been the gradual emergence of a new movement of labor headed by migrant workers who have taken advantage of structural flaws in China’s development trajectory to pursue collective interests. This movement in the making has demonstrated a capacity to overcome spatial [...]

International Scholars Call on Guangdong Government to Stop Repression against Labor NGOs

Open Letter to the Guangdong Government

We are a diverse group of scholars who both study and support labor movements around the world. Many of us have conducted extensive research on labor issues in China, and we are united in our belief that the future of China and its working class is of incredible global significance.

Many government and union leaders in Guangdong have recently accepted the idea that strikes are normal economic manifestations of labor-capital conflict in a marketized economy, and should be addressed through mediation and collective bargaining. Currently there is a growing practice of democratic elections of [...]

[Statement] New wave of crackdowns on labour NGOs before the CCP reshuffles

Letter of concern regarding strike at Citizen’s plant

Internal Audit & CSR Department

Citizen Holdings Co., Ltd.

6-1-12 Tanashi-cho


Tokyo 188-8511