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South China Morning Post: Mainland probe inspired by Hong Kong students ‘setting a good example’

By Lilian Zhang

Student organisers said yesterday that their voluntary investigation into Coca-Cola was inspired by Hong Kong peers who accused a mainland company of violating workers’ rights in April.

“Hong Kong students have set a very good example for us,” said organiser Yang Zhengjun, a graduate student at the Central University of Nationalities in Beijing.

In April, Nine Dragons Paper was accused of violating labour laws [...]

South China Morning Post: Students accuse Coca-Cola of mistreatment

“We Want Non-Sweat, Non-Toxic, Non-Monopolistic, Clean Computers!” —–We Urge All Tertiary Educational Institutions to Bear Their Social Responsibilities

The computer industry has been growing tremendously in the past twenty years. Computers have become an intrinsic part of everyday life and the ability to use the computer is now a requirement for tertiary education. The electronics industry is a high-tech, high-skill professional field. In 2005, the top three computer brands in the world – Dell, HP and IBM – garnered a total of US$200 billions in sales. However, their astronomical profits are based on the exploitation of workers and the environment in the developing countries. Computer brand names maximize their profit margins through retaining the high value-adding parts of their business and outsourcing the lower-end production to developing countries. Factories in the developing countries compete to [...]