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Year Month A More Democratic Foxconn? No One Told the Workers

WEDNESDAY MAY 15, 2013 8:25 PM


With a workforce of more than one million, the electronics giant Foxconn has enough workers in its Chinese factories to fill a small country. So it’s fitting that the company has vowed to make its manufacturing kingdom a bit more democratic by encouraging union elections.

But although the company announced its push for union democracy in February, a subsequent study by academics in Hong Kong and mainland China reveals that many workers don’t even know whether they’re in a union, and many others don’t have a clear idea of what their union does or how it works. And that actually makes perfect sense, since China’s unions are ill-defined, bureaucratized institutions—politically [...]

[STATEMENT] Promise from Foxconn on democratic union is broken

Hong Kong, 9 May 2013

Promise from Foxconn on democratic union is broken

A recent report conducted by a group of scholars and students from China and Hong Kong1 reveals that the high enrolment rate of Foxconn union is just window-dressing. The world’s biggest factory empire has never realized its commitment to promote democratic industrial relation and to fulfill its corporate social responsibility. In addition, according to the latest news report from a Chinese newspaper, the promised union elections are in limbo. [...]

South China Morning Post: Activists push Apple over work conditions

CNET: Apple’s Chinese suppliers still exploiting workers, says report


Apple has so far failed in its responsibility to monitor its Chinese suppliers for worker violations, claims a labor watchdog group.

In a report released yesterday, Student & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior (SACOM) accused three of Apple’s Chinese suppliers of inhumane worker conditions. The three suppliers — Foxlink, Pegatron, and Wintek — fail to provide for basic human needs and continue to use student workers, according to SACOM.

Over the past few years, Apple has increased its audits of Chinese factories and taken action against those that violate its supplier code of conduct. [...]

[Report] Apple fails in its responsibility to monitor suppliers