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[Statement/Petition] Demand all denim brands to stop sandblasting![聲明/聯署信] 我們要求所有牛仔服飾品牌立即禁止噴砂工序![声明/联署信] 我们要求所有牛仔服饰品牌立即禁止喷砂工序!
9 July 2013, Hong Kong Guangdong province in China is home of approximately half of the world’s denim production supplying garment for popular high street brands like Lee, Levi’s, H&M, Hollister, Wrangler, American Eagle, etc. The recent fashion trend of distressed jeans has however resulted in the [...]
Foxconn (2038.HK) ignores the demand of democratic trade union繼續漠視工會承諾   富士康國際(2038.HK)拒絕回應继续漠视工会承诺   富士康国际(2038.HK)拒绝回应
Today (30 May 2013), the Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour (SACOM) and other local organizations including Asia Monitor Resource Centre, Hong Kong Christian Industrial Committee, Justice and Peace Commission of the Hong Kong Catholic Diocese and a group of tertiary students went to [...]
Workers’ Outrage over Immoral Costco Supplier in Shenzhen聲援深圳金順台藝品廠工人 促請美資好市多(Costco)盡早介入声援深圳金顺台艺品厂工人 促请美资好市多(Costco)尽早介入
More than 200 workers from Delta Smooth Limited (金顺台艺品厂) in Shenzhen, a supplier of Costco in China have launched a series of street protests since 6 May, as the owner refused to pay their wages, social insurance and economic compensation after the factory closure. They marched to the [...]
[Report] Apple fails in its responsibility to monitor suppliers [報告] 包庇代工廠 蘋果逃避監管責任[报告] 包庇代工厂 苹果逃避监管责任
In its code of conduct, Apple claims that it requires its suppliers to uphold its workers’ basic human rights as understood by the international community, and to treat them with dignity and respect. In contrast, our investigations demonstrate that Apple supplier factories are intensifying a military-style [...]
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[Statement] Listen Up Now! Demand Lionsgate to start constructive dialogues with musicians now!

18 July 2014, Hong Kong SACOM and other local labour groups in Hong Kong answer the call from The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL–CIO), Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada (AFM) to launch an international solidarity action to demand Lionsgate [...]

[STATEMENT]Strongly demand Marks and Spencer and supplier Grosby Footwear (Shenzhen) Ltd. to resolve the labor disputes

[STATEMENT]Strongly demand Marks and Spencer and supplier Grosby Footwear (Shenzhen) Ltd. to resolve the labor disputes Shenzhen-based Grosby footwear factory is the supplier of international brands such as Marks and Spencer and Clarks in which Marks and Spencer is also the biggest buyer. After the lunar New Year holiday this year, workers discovered that there are late payment [...]

Open Letter: Strongly demand Marks and Spencer and supplier Grosby Footwear (Shenzhen) Ltd. to resolve the labor disputes

19 June 2014, Thursday Marc Bolland, Marks and Spencer CEO Strongly demand Marks and Spencer and supplier Grosby Footwear (Shenzhen) Ltd. to resolve the labor disputes Shenzhen-based Grosby footwear factory workers went on strike on 26 May 2014. They reported about late payment of wages and insurance, while the older employees were particularly concerned about seniority benefits, medical reimbursement, [...]

[Action Statement] Action to urge Yue Yuen (0551.HK) to account for the debts on social insurance to the workers

30 May 2014 Today (30 May 2014), labour organizations in Hong Kong stage a demonstration at the Annual General Meeting of Yue Yuen (0551.HK) against the ambiguous arrangement on the compensation of social insurance to the workers. Since the 5 April, more than a thousand of workers from the world’s largest footwear manufacturer Yue Yuen [...]

A Reflective Article on Workers of the World’s Factory

A touching reflection by Fei GAO, a Duke University student who spent her summer in South China last year. Her article shows a glance of workers suffering from work injuries and the exploitation under the mark of “Made in China”. The article was first printed on Duke East Asia Nexus 4(1). —————————————————————————————– Workers of the [...]